HTML Structure

HTML Structure is created by using sets of tags. And each tag is enclosed in a angular brackets (<....>) and behaves like a container which contains content of the webpage and other HTML tags.

Document Structure:

HTML HTML documents follow a hierarchical structure, starting with the <html> tag. It establishes the root of the document, encapsulating the entire content.
Head and Body Sections HTML documents are divided into <head> and <body> sections. The <head> contains metadata, while the <body> holds the visible content.
Tags and Elements Tags enclose elements, forming the building blocks of HTML. Elements define content, such as headings <h1> to <h6>, paragraphs <p>, and more.
Attributes Attributes provide additional information within tags. They enhance element functionality; for instance, <a href=""> links to a website.
Semantic HTML Semantic tags convey meaning beyond formatting. Enhances accessibility and SEO; examples include <article>, <nav>, and <footer>.
HTML Structure Visualization
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